Questions for Stacy: Home for the Holidays


Hi Stacy.  My fiancé and I recently got engaged, and will be spending time with our families over the holidays.  We’d like to use some of this time to get started on the wedding planning.  What sort of questions should we plan  on discussing with our families?


First off, congratulations! What an exciting time for you, your fiancé and your families. Tending to some wedding business while enjoying your family’s company sounds like a very smart plan.  Here are some topics I’d suggest you try to cover while you’re home for the holidays:

1. Who would we like to invite?  (We encourage couples and their families to make an A, B and C invitee list, as the venues’ capacity may dictate which list you are able to work from). This is also a good time to chat about whether or not you will invite children to the wedding.

2. What is the ideal wedding month/date for both families? While you won’t be able to run the date by everyone, we recommend coming up with a list of at least three dates that work for both families, just in case your venue of choice already has several dates booked, you’ll have a few back-ups.

3. Where is our ideal venue?  (If you have no idea where to begin, think of some locations that are special to your family ~ such as a summer vacation spot or venue in your hometown ~ or locations that are special to you as a couple such as the place where you first met, had your first date, got engaged etc.)

4. What is our overall wedding budget?  How much will each party plan on contributing (Bride’s family, Groom’s family, Bride & Groom)?

5. Who do we want to be in our wedding party?  Do we want to include children in the ceremony?

Photo by Saskia de Laat

Happy Holidays!

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