LWD (little white dress) shopping guide with BB Style

This week marks the last installment of our Style Guide with Brianne Binder of BB Style.  She has provided us with so many fabulous tips and advice, and we are so thankful for all of her stylish suggestions.  In case you missed it, be sure to check out last week’s Honeymoon Packing Guide!

The Perfect LWD

Shop this for this Nordstrom dress here

Bri Here!  Take it from me: it’s fun to wear bright, colorful patterns during your wedding events to stand out as the bride, but there’s something particularly special about wearing white or cream.  As the bride, you will undoubtedly shine on the big day in your gorgeous gown, but it’s equally special to wear white to your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, bachelorette party or any other event honoring your soon to be nuptials.

With the growing popularity of the LWD, it’s become much easier to find a great white dress. This season, lace has been a very popular trend, and trust me, there is a silhouette and fabric for everyone. I’m highlighting my picks that will fit your wedding style depending on your search to find a LWD that is vintage inspired, embellished, boho, classic, lacey or modern.  Like I said, there’s something for everyone!

My tips for accessorizing and styling your LWD are:

– Go all white if your dress is truly white; a cute white heel is very chic.

– Compliment the white or cream with a pop color via a clutch, shoe or hair accessory.

– Wear a statement earring or bracelet to add a little bling

– When in doubt, wear a metallic or nude/tan shoe (any silhouette or heel height will work depending on your style and level of comfort)

– Enjoy every second of wearing white/cream… it’s your special time!!

LWD Style Board

Shop These Looks:

Vintage: Modcloth $58.99 | Dorothy Perkins $89

Embellished: Dorothy Perkins $69|  Dorothy Perkins $110

Boho: Alice + Olivia $297 | Alice + Olivia $228

Classic: Alice + Olivia $438 | Alexander Wang $625

Lace: Topshop $92 | Miss Selfridge $120

Modern: Zara $59.90 | Top Shop $ 92

Accessorize the LWD

LWD Accessories:

Kate Spade Pave Bow Bangle $88

DVF Metallic Cutout Sandals $298

J. Crew Crystal Earrings $58

Sweet & Spark Vintage Blue Leaf Earrings $128

Elizabeth Cole Crystal Statement Bracelet $113

Tory Burch Tangerine Ombre Clutch $225

Aldo White Textured Clutch $23

Zara White Nude Heels $79.90

Thank you again, Bri!  You’re our #1 Style Guru!

See some of Bri’s other recommendations, including Wedding Day Brunch Style, Rehearsal Dinner Style, Bridal Shower Style, and Post Wedding Day Brunch Style.

Fabulous Leading Ladies {Bridesmaids- What to Wear?}

In the past few months, we’ve talked about your wedding gown, what your groom should wear, and some fun ideas for the guys, but now let’s talk about the ladies who will be standing next to you, your bridesmaids. With so many options, where does one start? We’ve got it all laid out for you, right here!

{The Problem}

Ever seen the movie “27 Dresses”? Classic case of a girl that has been a bridesmaid twenty-seven times and has a closet full of horrible gowns that will NEVER see the light of day again. Cute little movie, but we certainly don’t want your bridesmaids to have to endure such a thing. (We were actually going to add a picture of what we mean, but once we started looking at those awful bridesmaids dresses, we just couldn’t do that to you!)

Back in the day (we think sometime in those fashion-forward 80s…), the idea was that “the bridesmaids shouldn’t upstage the bride”, which left a whole lot of very unhappy bridesmaids in very ugly dresses that they would never ever wear again. This is ridiculous- there is no way that you, the gorgeous bride, can be upstaged by your closest friends. After all, they will be all over your wedding pictures, so your bridesmaids (and groomsmen) should reflect your wedding style, and why not make sure they’re comfortable while you’re at it? What voluptuous lady wants to be in a dress that is hugging all the wrong places? Or a petite girl that gets swallowed up by a thousand ruffles? Enough said, now let’s discuss some ideas.

{The Options}

Of course, you can always have your bridesmaids wear the same dress, if you know that they’ll all be comfortable in it. You may consider a long versus cocktail length dress based on how formal or non-formal the overall wedding will be.

You can also find similar dresses in the exact same fabric, but each is cut to suit the individual bridesmaid. This makes sure that each of your ladies is comfortable, and most importantly happy. There are several designers that got the hint and are making different style dresses out of the same fabric to make them look unique yet matching.

One good place to check out is JCrew.

Another similar option we love is this amazing “convertible” dress. Same dress just worn a bunch of different ways. With the versatility that your bridesmaids can get from this one dress, you KNOW that they’ll be excited to wear it again.

If you select the same dress, maybe think about personalizing the shoes, while keeping them in the same color scheme.

Or you can do the opposite: have your bridesmaids wear the same color dress (everyone’s got their favorite LBD!) and have them wear matching shoes (which could also be a great idea for your bridesmaids gifts).

As you can see, your bridesmaids don’t all have to wear the same dress. In fact, they can even be completely different dresses, as long as they fit in with the style of your wedding and color palette .

At her wedding, our friend, photographer Meg Perotti, had her bridesmaids select amazing vintage dresses in the same color scheme, but they fit each girl’s individual style. Check out her post to see how each of her bridesmaids were styled.

Meg’s not the only bride that had fun with mix-matched dresses. Molly Sims gotta love her, and her gorgeous maids, donned floor length dresses. Each dress within Sim’s color palette, yet personalized to fit each girl’s style and comfort. Having the bridesmaid’s bouquets the same also helped to pull this look together.

The three most important things to keep in mind when deciding what your bridesmaids should wear:  your wedding style, comfort, style and body type of each of your bridesmaids. Have fun and see you next time!

{images via Pinterest, 1 BP, Pinterest, Wedding Bee, Bride Finds, Advantage Bridal,

Pinterest, Blushing Bride, Emmaline Bridal, Pinterest}

For the Boys- Part Deux [Wedding Accessories]

Last week, we talked about your groom’s attire for the big day. We had mentioned accessories, but then, we became kinda obsessed with all the fun options out there for the guys, so thought we’d do a special post about them, with tons of pictures and ideas. Enjoy!

{Happy Feet}

You finally found the perfect shoes to go with your dream wedding gown, so make sure your man’s shoes are up to par, and have fun with the socks too!

{Bow Ties & Neckties}

Whenever they’re not looking at you, guests will be looking at your groom’s handsome face, so why not add a bright pop of color or a fun pattern right below by adding a cool necktie or bow tie to the ensemble?

Did you catch the bow tie tutorial we featured last week?

A few of our favorite bow tie makers:

Ultra hip Etsy seller, Fox & Brie, make vintage-inspired bow ties, neckties, and pocket squares.

Forage Bow Ties have some super fun patterns and come in the most adorable packaging. This could be a great gift for your groomsmen, too!

And, of course, our friends over at Launderette.


What was initially used as the more practical part of an outfit is now making headway as the accessory du jour: suspenders.


Now, here’s the part that’s “anything goes”. Cufflinks are those tiny little details where you have literally endless options.

You can get something special just for the wedding.

Go with your wedding color.

Have your own “something old” and wear a family heirloom.

Or have some fun with them and commemorate your favorite sports team.

We had so much fun putting together this post, but have to admit that it was pretty hard to choose our favorite images since we just kept finding so many awesome ideas. So, good luck, friends, and enjoy the hunt for those special little details!

{images via: Etsy, Style Me Pretty, Ruffled Blog, Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart Weddings, QP Collections via Etsy, One Wed Blog, Forage Bow Ties, Launderette Blog, Loverly, Pinterest, Intimate Weddings, Waxwing Jewelry via Etsy, Martha Stewart Weddings, Stop the Clock via Etsy, Project Bride}

for the boys [wedding attire for the groom]

We’ve talked wedding gowns and THE dress, but what about the boys? We can’t leave them out!

Inspired by the dapper blog, Launderette, and their adorable bow-tying tutorial, we realized that there is not enough talk of what the groom will wear. You always hear, “I cannot wait to see your dress!”, but they should also be saying, “I can’t wait to see how handsome the groom will look!”

Just like when you were picking out your dress, your groom must look his best as well, while reflecting the style of your wedding, and of course being comfortable. So, start by thinking about your wedding day- is it going to be an evening or daytime event? Formal or informal? Will it take place on the beach? In a church? A gallery space? You also have to think about your groom. If he’s more casual, maybe a full-on tux is not the way to go. It’s his big day, too, so listen to what he has to say.

If your wedding is formal, he should go all out: tuxedo, vest, cufflinks tie or bowtie. To keep it a little less formal but still dapper, go with a good suit and tie. For a more hip look, he can wear nice slacks, a well-fitting button down, a vest, and tie or bowtie. Keeping the weather in mind is also really important. We think it’s a great idea to have a second “back-up” shirt for summer weddings. Having the option to change into a fresh shirt can make all the difference on those hot days.

No matter which way you go, we can’t stress this one point enough: FIT. Make sure the suit, pants, shirt, etc. all fit just right. You will appreciate this when looking back on your pictures! Note: Remember to set up a final fitting two weeks before your wedding day to ensure the best fit.

While we’re on the topic of fit, getting a custom suit made for your big day is a great idea, plus you know the fit will be impeccable since it’s cut especially for you. You probably had most of your dress customized to look exactly how you always imagined, so why shouldn’t your groom experience the same “tailor-made” treatment? In San Francisco, we like Al’s Attire, but also be sure to check out Astor & Black.

The perfect accessories pull the look together. Wear some special cufflinks, suspenders, a nice watch, a great pair of shoes, and socks that either match the shoes, or match the colors/style of the wedding. Have fun with these little details!

Check out this groom’s guide from June Bug Weddings for more details on tuxedos, suits, alternative wear, and accessories.

Next time, we’ll talk about your wedding party, because they gotta look good too! Stay tuned….