Bridal Skin Care Boot Camp by San Francisco’s SenSpa

As a bride, it’s imperative that you start thinking about your skin care regimen months in advance of your wedding date.  Six month in advance, according to Beth Morse, esthetician at SenSpa Wellness Center.   We enlisted Beth to create a skin care timeline to help our brides take care of all of their skin care needs in the months leading up to the big day.

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First, Beth tells us a little bit about SenSpa:

At SenSpa, located in the lush Presidio, we believe that everyone has wellness within them, and it is our passion to guide every guest to their optimal state of well-being. We know that wellness starts from within the body and we deliver authentic, results-oriented treatments and products to detoxify, release and nourish the mind, body and spirit.

Our staff is an expert in each of their service areas (skincare, massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture) and understands how specific treatments work best to contribute to your overall health, well-being, and feelings of contentment. Our staff can coach, counsel, help, heal, and give you the education, understanding, and tools you need to make wellness part of your everyday regimen.

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Bridal Skin Care Boot Camp Timeline

Six months before wedding:

  • ~ Facial Treatments:  Schedule a 60 minute hydrating facial treatment (like the Super Hydrating Facial) with your esthetician. Let them know your wedding date and have her create an action plan.
    • ~ It is imperative to come in for monthly treatments that are custom-tailored for your skin’s needs.
    • ~ Consult to see if you need: Back Treatments: wearing a backless or strapless dress?  Have your esthetician look at your back to see if back treatments need to be a part of your bridal plan.
    • ~ Homecare is going to be key in seeing those results- it’s like working out in between personal training sessions.
    • ~ Peels or treatments that require prep work and/or downtime.
  • ~ Waxing:
    • ~ Brow Boot Camp: if your brows need a little “boot camp” to create the shape you want to have for your big day.
    • ~ Your hair must be ¼ inch to wax (about three weeks after last shaving)
    • ~ Kiss your razor good-bye and get on a monthly waxing rotation. Your hair grows in three cycles so it takes approximately 4-5 waxes to get all the hair on the same cycle.

One month before wedding:

  • ~ Grab your spa-bestie and come in for a full day. This will be the last time before your wedding that you will want any peels or extractions. From here on out its all hydration so if anything needs to get done- today is the day!
    • ~ *skip waxing on this visit but don’t shave!
  • ~ Add in a back treatment or body scrub to get your skin below the chin ready to look its bridal best.
  • ~ If you have tweezers or a comedone extractor at home- give them to a friend to hold until after the wedding.

Two weeks before wedding:

  • ~ Super hydrating face treatment (no crazy peels, no extractions) Focus on pumping up the glow with hydration and antioxidants!
  • ~ Last pre-wedding wax!

Night before the wedding:

  • ~ If you are staying in a hotel (or even at home) cover up any magnifying mirrors. Brides tend to get nervous and pick the night before.
  • ~ If you notice a blemish, cleanse your face and massage a wet ice cube on any “friends” that show up. Put on your finishing products and then hold a cold compress for 10 minutes.
  • ~ Try a hydrating, water-based masque for added glow and radiance.

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The BIG day:

  • ~ Hydrated skin supports makeup and helps it to look it’s best. Be sure to tone and moisturize!
  • ~ Although physical sun protection is best for skin health, it causes HD photos and film to have a white reflection. So you’ll want to have a chemical/absorbing sunscreen just for this one day.

Thank you so much for your stellar timeline, Beth!  We can’t wait to get back to get back to enjoy another treatment ourselves at SenSpa again soon!