What’s Cooking At Cavallo Point?

One of our favorite details to any wedding is choosing the menu, we’re total foodies! Being in the Bay Area we’re so blessed to have local organic farms with the freshest ingredients at our finger tips. We recently had the opportunity to join one of our couples at Cavallo Point for their menu tasting . With so many unique dishes and amazing flavors this is anything but traditional wedding food.

                     Passed Canapes

1. wood grilled skirt steak & horseradish mascarpone 2. lettuce cups, grilled chicken & thai style vinaigrette 3. lobster & mango skewers 4. grilled wolfe ranch quail & romesco glaze 5. wood grilled prawn, white bean puree & rosemary vinaigrette 6. point reyes grass-fed beef skewers & chimichurri marinade

                     To Start

1. local octopus carpaccio, jalapeno-mint mouse, dashi broth & frisee salad 2. organic carrot soup, leek emulsion & tender spinach ravioli 3. little gem salad, lop-chong, humboldt fog dressing & banyuls vinegar


1. rack of sonoma coast lamb, fresh shelling beans & carrot sabayon 2. pan-seared day scallop, soy bean coulis, parsnip mousseline, madiera-mirin sauce & scallop chips

A big thank you to chef John Reyna the wonderful team at Cavallo Point for a delicious lunch. Everything was so good that we’re having a difficult time selecting the final wedding menu. If it were up to you, what would you serve?