Get to Know…Stacy McCain

This month we are getting to know the lady who’s responsible for making the real magic happen –  Miss Stacy McCain!  This year marks the seven year anniversary of Stacy McCain Event Planning ( aka SMEP ), during which the company has received wonderful reviews from clients and vendors alike.  Stacy’s passion for her work is remarkable, as is her commitment to spending quality time with family and friends.  Here’s a little insight as to how this event planner spends her day to day:

Stacy (from Molly's wedding)

Photo By: Sasha Gulish

Q: Which industry related tool can you not live without?

 A: Scissors! No matter the event, size or location we ALWAYS seem to be in need of a pair or two. 

Q: When you’re not on site at an event, what can we find you doing?

A: Catching-up with friends over a glass of wine or spending quality time with my very supportive and understanding boyfriend.

Q: At which venue are you dying to work?

A: Locally, I’d love to work at Kunde Family Estate in Sonoma. 

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 4.11.25 PM

Photo of Kunde Family Estate : Photo From

Internationally I’ve been dying to work at Cuixmala in Mexico. 

Photo of Cuixmala : Photo from

Photo of Cuixmala : Photo from

Q: My go to snack is ________.

A:  I tend to snack on trail mix, grapes, goldfish crackers and mandarin oranges.

Q: What is/are your guilty pleasure(s)?

A: My guilty pleasures include US Weekly, fro-yo (twist of chocolate & peanut butter), Sour Patch Watermelon candies and shopping. 

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 12.03.19

Us Weekly :: Sour Patch Watermelon Candies 

Q: TV wise, what are you watching right now?

A: Nashville, Scandal, Revenge and Grey’s Anatomy.

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 4.49.51 PM

Q: I can’t stand ________.

A: Inconsiderate drivers.

Q: What’s the last thing you purchased online?

A: Airline tickets to Palm Springs for Stagecoach, so excited!

Q: Music wise, I am currently listening to ______.

A: Foster the People’s ‘Coming of Age’ from their new album ‘Supermodel’ out in March.

Q: Favorite thing I currently have hanging in my closet is ______

A: My red Zara coat

Zara REd Coat

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant in the Bay Area?

A: Cotogna, love me some Italian food!

Q: What do you love most about working with the Stacy McCain Event Planning team?

A: My amazing team of assistants! Would not, could not do it without them. Their energy, drive and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done is incredible!

Julia, Stacy, Vic

Photo By: Sabine Scherer


Photo By: Sabine Scherer


Photo By: Sasha Gulish

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Happy Valentines Day!

Credit: Elizabeth Messina

Credit: Elizabeth Messina

Fade Into You 

If you were the ocean I was the sun
If the day made me heavy and gravity won
If I was the red and you were the blue
I could just fade into you

If you were the window if I was the rain
I’d pour myself out and wash off the pain
I’d fall like the tears so you’re light could shine through
Then I’d just fade into you

In your heart in your head
In your arms in your bed
Under your skin
Till there’s no way to know
Where you end and where I begin

I was a shadow and you were a street
A cobblestone midnight is where we first meet
Till the light’s flickered out we’d dance with the moon
Then I just fade into you

In your heart in your head
In your arms in your bed
Under your skin
Till there’s no way to know
Where you end and where I begin

I want to melt i want to soak through
I only want to move when you move
I want to breathe when you breathe
then I want to fade into you

I was the ashes, you were the ground
Under your willow they lay me down
There’ll be no trace that one was once two
After I fade into you

~ feat. Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen from the show Nashville

Credit: Eva Black Design

Credit: Eva Black Design

Wishing you and yours a lovely day!

from Stacy McCain Event Planning