Some Very Special Mother/Son Songs

Last month, we shared a list of our Very Favorite Father/Daughter Songs.  In this post, we wanted to show our Grooms and Moms a little love.

Let’s face it, when it comes to the special dances at a wedding, most of the attention is focused on the bride and the much anticipated father/daughter dance. But hey, every Mom deserves to have a special moment with her son as well!  The mother/son dance is one of the most touching traditions to take place at wedding receptions. Choosing the perfect song for this dance can prove to be a little difficult, so here’s a list of our all-time favorites.  Warning: you may want to grab a tissue before giving these songs a listen!

Laura & Jeff Wedding by Michelle Pattee

Photo by Michelle Pattee

Photo by Gertrude and Mabel

Photo by Heather and Carol for Gertrude & Mabel

Now put on those dancin’ shoes and enjoy your special dance!