Allie’s St. Patrick’s Day Green Juice

Why not mix things up this year and add some fresh green juice to your St. Patty’s Day routine?  Allie’s St. Patrick’s Day Green Juice means business – it’s chock full of all the wholesome micronutrients your body craves.  Plus you can reward yourself with that green beer at the end of the day!

Photo by Mind Body Green

Photo by Mind Body Green

Ingredients ( Allie strongly suggests purchasing all organic produce ):

~ 1 bunch lacinato Kale, ends trimmed

~ 1/2 bunch parsley, ends trimmed

~ 4 sticks celery, ends trimmed

~ 1 head fennel, quartered with ends trimmed

~ 1 green apple, quartered

~ 3 lemons, ends removed ( but don’t remove the rinds, the lemon oil is from the skins is delicious and super healthy )

~ 1/2 inch ginger (optional)


1. Wash and prepare all ingredients

2. Run all ingredients through your juice in the order listed above

3. Drink immediately or bottle/refrigerate, tightly capping the bottle making sure there is no air inside.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!