natural and romantic: wedding trends of 2012

As wedding season quickly approaches, we thought we’d take advantage of this calm before the storm, and put together a little list of what we think will be the big trends of 2012.

Just because we simply cannot wait until the end, we must start with the gowns. Yes, they’re just that good.


We’re eternally in love with super-romantic looks and are excited to see more of these light and airy gowns. While strapless will still be lovely as ever, we’ll be seeing lots of lace and sleeves. Soft, modern, and a bit more coverage, but definitely with a sexy twist. Whether you channel the classic Kate Middleton, or the bombshell Marilyn Monroe, or simply looking for your fairy-tale gown, 2012 is the year for all these. And don’t be surprised if you see something that’s not traditional white. We’re loving Elie Saab’s stunning lace and pastel dresses…

PS be sure to check back later this month for our guide to finding THE dress.


While we adore a pop of bright color, we’re predicting seeing more watercolor designs and soft shades, so pastels won’t just be on dresses.



Going with the glam and romantic vibe, decadent and ethereal are the way to go for flowers. Soft, lush, earthy bouquets filled with flowers like cabbage roses, peonies, and wild roses, Queen Anne’s lace, dahlias, and gardenias.




We’ve been seeing more and more “natural” and traditional photography. We agree: the panoramic wedding portrait of all your guests is a must!



We are so incredibly lucky to live in an area with some of the most beautiful outdoor venues for the most perfect rustic-elegant weddings. Take some notes from the ritzy ranch wedding à la Lauren Bush and David Lauren’s recent nuptials on the famous Double RL Ranch. Check out some of their stunning details, here!



We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: we’re foodies. We’re so excited to see (and taste!) some beautiful, innovative meals this year. These farm-fresh, organic options are the way to go, while crafted into photo-album- worthy presentations. A feast for the eyes and palate, check out our post about what’s cooking at Cavallo Point.

Oh, this is going to be a great year!!