The Anti-Guest Book

No, we don’t mean “anti” as in we’re against guest books. Not at all. We just think that the traditional “sign your name in this book, that will sit on our bookshelf to collect dust” is a bit stale. But we still love the idea of your guests leaving you a few words of love or maybe even some marriage advice, during your wedding. We’re seeing some super creative and fun ways to do this and just had to share.

These coasters are super cute! Plus, they can be an extension of your day-of wedding paper goods, carrying the overall look from your save the dates, invitations, programs, etc.

Instead of just writing their name in a random book, why not ask your guests to write their birthdays on a calendar? What a cool and useful idea!

And what about at the wedding? How do you display all those love notes? Add them to your wedding scrapbook by creating small individual envelopes for each note.

We love the idea of adding some fun to your wedding via your guests’ notes. This fun Mad Lib is such a clever idea and will keep your guests entertained during cocktail hour!

For more ideas outside the box (er, book), how about having your guests write mini notes on wooden puzzle pieces?

Keep the games going by using a Jenga pieces for a place guests can leave you and your now hubby little notes. You’ll enjoy playing these games for years to come and will love to reminisce about your wedding day.

These thumb-print trees are becoming popular, especially for earthy and more rustic weddings. What a sweet reminder of your special day that can be hang in your home.

You can always keep it simple and sweet and incorporate your guests’ notes into your wedding decor. Here are more of our favorites…

We love the simple ideas above, but go crazy for unique “anti-guestbook” ideas, like what Bay Area photographer Meg Perotti did at her November wedding. They had guests decorate glass ornaments, including little love notes, and then hung them on their first Christmas tree the next month. Love!!

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