Questions for Stacy: What’s a Junior Bridesmaid?

Stacy McCain Event Planning is excited to launch our new 2013 blog series entitled Questions for Stacy.  Here we will help answer some frequently asked questions in order to assist you with the wedding planning process. Here we go!
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I’m currently putting together my bridal party, which potentially includes some family members aged 12 – 15.  I’ve heard that some brides include ‘Junior Bridesmaids’ in their wedding… what exactly is a Junior Bridesmaid?  What does being a Junior Bridesmaid entail?
The typical age range of Junior Bridesmaids is 9 – 15 years old.  They usually wear something similar to what the bridesmaids are wearing, but more age appropriate.  They can be involved in bridal showers and wedding-related tasks (overseeing the guestbook for example) but do not participate in more adult-focused events such as the bachelorette party.  Serving as a Junior Bridesmaid signifies that a person is a VIP of the bride, just not quite old enough to serve as a full-fledged bridesmaid.

2013 Trends: Wedding Gowns

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We’re very excited to be launching a monthly ‘2013 Trends’ feature, where we will be showcasing some of the most fabulous, innovative and inspiring trends we encounter over the course of the year.  We had the opportunity to visit two premiere bridal salons in San Francisco this week, Marina Morrison and the brand new Vera Wang Bridal, and wanted to share some of our favorite gowns, accessories, fabrics and textures.  The 2013 collections are featuring more structured ‘floating’ pieces, mixed mediums, layered laces, dazzling beading, and of course, peplum accents.  What will you be wearing in 2013?