fashion inspiration: coachella

With Stacy off at Coachella (jealous!) we are trying to bring you all a little piece of the festival. The lineup is amazing and we wish we could all be there, but sadly it is not in the cards. Here is a peek at some of the items that we would wear…

1. shoe, 2. shirt, 3. purse, 4. fedora, 5. ring 6. bikini

I would love love LOVE to wear all of these pieces while listening to my favorite coachella artists (or just Robyn – my fave). Could not be more jealous of everyone that is lucky enough to attend!

inspiration: st. barth’s

I see a shoot in our near future featuring this aMAZEing inspiration board by the lovely Kelly Market – and possibly a trip featuring the same backdrop??

Fingers crossed…but for now it is wedding season and we couldn’t be more excited!! The amazing part about our job (or at least one – pretty much every aspect is amazing) is that we can use ALL of our inspirations for our weddings and events! Yippee!! Maybe we can use these colors for our Hawaii wedding…we’ll keep you posted.

Visit Kelly Market to see the details about each and everyone of these amazing items.