Standout Memories of Our 2012 Weddings

We have so many great memories from the weddings we planned in 2012, that we wanted to write a little recap of those that stood out the most.

Here is a list of our top 10:

1) Rachel & Blake:  Married at  Cavallo Point Lodge, we used Mission Blue Chapel for their ceremony location and then transformed it into an after party lounge for late night dancing.

2) Jennifer & Brandon: For this 353 person wedding at Beaulieu Gardens, we created a custom tent complete with a chandelier, which we erected over the dance floor.

Jennifer & Brandon

3) Ali & Jake: During their ceremony at Durham Ranch, they chose to use unique songs by The Pixies, The Smiths, and The Cure.

4) Tanya & Mike: For this Sonoma-based wedding, we hired a savior and sweet food truck as an inventive way to serve guests dinner and dessert.

Tanya & Mike

Photo: Love Bird Photo

5) Jaime & Tim: The couple chose to have a dear friend marry them for their December wedding at Flood Mansion, which was a fun and relaxed way for them to become husband and wife.

6) Michelle & Tommy: During cocktail hour at Beaulieu Gardens, we created an open-air photobooth complete with 3 suspended frames and props.Michelle and Tommy

7) Cathy & Alex: After their ceremony, the couple and their wedding party joined a New Orleans style band, which paraded guests through the streets of Healdsburg to their reception at Barndiva .

8) Charlotte & Marc: We hired a live painter to depict scenes from the wedding reception.

Photo by Gertrude and Mabel

Photo: Gertrude and Mabel

9) Courtney & Neal: For their wedding at The Inn at the Presidio on January 31st, the couple rented out the entire 22 room hotel, making for a fabulous New Years Eve wedding and one giant house party.

10) Gretchen & Spencer: We hired the always entertaining Wonderbread 5 for the wedding reception, who pulled the bride on stage for their second set wearing their infamous crazy suits.

Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 3.51.00 PM

Photo: Gertrude and Mabel

We’re looking forward to creating many more wonderful memories in 2013!

Happy New Year! Things we learned in planning our 2012 weddings.

photo (11)

2012 was a successful year full of weddings and lots of learning opportunities for all of us at SMEP.  Upon reflection of all these weddings, we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 things we will be sure to keep in mind and incorporate into our wedding plans for 2013:

  1. Be sure to always use a radio for behind the scenes coordination
  2. Assign one assistant for every 50-75 guests
  3. Confirm vendor attire prior to a wedding
  4. With large bridal parties (8 or more), have an assistant oversee wedding day hair & makeup
  5. When in doubt – say YES to air conditioning!
  6. Insist on assigned seating for family members at the wedding ceremony
  7. Have back-up ceremony music in case of emergency
  8. Include a wine opener in wedding day emergency kit
  9. The least expensive option is not always the best option
  10. Make sure the bride is wearing shoes when she leaves the venue!

Please feel free to share some of your tips, advice and resolutions for 2013!


The team at Stacy McCain Event Planning

celebrate new years eve

you found the dress 

and the shoes

add a little bling and you’re ready to hit the town!

arrive at your party

we love white, black with a touch of gold

and let’s not forget the hanging lights and feathers.

start the night off with a little moet cocktail

and a cupcake or two.

admire the fun table setting, cute enough to package with a bow!

grab your noise makers and get ready to bring in the new year with…

a kiss at midnight!