Get to Know… Edyta Szyszlo of Edyta Szyszlo Photography

In case you haven’t had the pleasure, this is your opportunity to get to know Edyta Szyszlo of Edyta Szyszlo Photography.  Edyta loves what she does and it’s so easy to tell because her work is just plain gorgeous. This year she was recognized as one of the Best West Coast Photographers of 2014 by Martha Stewart Weddings… does a higher honor even exist?  We think not.  But we do think you’ll love getting to know Edyta just as much as we have over the years.


edyta headshot

Name: Edyta Szyszlo

Company: Edyta Szyszlo Photography, LLC and co-owns Tomfoolery SF photobooth with her husband, Jared.

Started My Business: Been in business for almost 10 years!

Located: San Francisco


Q: Which industry related tool can you not live without?

 A: Haha, obviously my cameras, however, a close second would be a calendar!

Q: When you’re not on site at an event, what can we find you doing?

A: I’m usually at my computer or at lifestyle/commercial photoshoots during the weekdays. But that’s a lame answer 🙂   I love exploring the outdoors and new neighborhood spots, socializing over a yummy meals, exercising, cuddling with my cats, drinking red wine, watering my plants, day-dreaming, picnicking, gawking over magazines and fooling around in our photobooth.

Edytas Cats

Edyta and Hubby

Q: At which venue are you dying to work?

A: I’m not really partial to just one place. I love anything with incredible natural light, dreamy lights or polished interior design. There are a few places in the Southern California area that I wish SF had! One on my list is Lombardi House.

Lombardi House

Lombardi House

Q: My go to snack is ________.

A:  Seasonable fruit and alike finger foods.

Q: What is/are your guilty pleasure(s)?

A: Celebrity magazines, although I never buy them. The Kardashians tv show (don’t judge me!). Cream cheese and anything with coconut.

Q: TV wise, what are you watching right now?

A: Just finished season 4 of Downton Abbey.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 6.16.33 PM

Q: I can’t stand ________.

A: When there are a million phones taking pictures at a wedding ceremony, especially in the aisle.  Or when you’re reading your credit card over the phone the person is ‘uh huh-ing’ between every digit.

Q: What’s the last thing you purchased online?

A: Shoes. Leather Vans to be exact 🙂


Q: Music wise, I am currently listening to ______.

A: folksy country with a mix of old school decade jams.

Q: Favorite thing I currently have hanging in my closet is ______

A: my flowy white tops and dresses…all of them.

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant in the Bay Area?

A: There are too many good ones!! I love Suppenkuche, Bar Agricole, The Corner Store, Central Kitchen, Bar Tartine, Fat Angel

Bar Agricole
The Patio at Bar Agricole

Q: Why are you most excited to be working with the Stacy McCain Event Planning team?

A: I love their structured yet easy-going nature. It’s so important to have a streamlined and efficient approach for planning an event if you want it to feel carefree. Stacy and her team are the perfect blend of elegance, top-notch service and casual attitude.  Their design sense is modern with a a soft hint of playful, making it a win-win combo.


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Love is like…

Love is like playing the piano.

First you must learn to play by the rules,

then you must forget the rules and play from your heart.

– Anonymous

Photo by Gertrude & Mabel

Photo by Gertrude & Mabel

Merry Christmas

Christmas Day

Christmas is so merry, at this special time of year
Christmas is extraordinary, as long as you are here

Inside my heart I’ll jump and dance, excited just to see
The sparkling beauty in your glance, upon this Christmas eve

We’ll cuddle tight and wait the night, for Santa Clause to come
We’ll hope and dream a million dreams, and wake up with the sun

Then Christmas I will look at you, and that’s when I will say
“Oh darling all my dreams came true, with you on Christmas day! ”

So hang the holly and the lights, let out your Christmas cheer
And stack the presents to new heights, it comes but once a year

Paul Moosberg
Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy