Get to Know… Gabrielle Feuersinger of Cake Coquette

This month we are getting to know the lovely Gabrielle (aka Gabby) of Cake Coquette.  Not only is Gabby a pure joy to work with, she is a true artist and pastry rockstar, presenting us with cake flavors such as Hazlenut Cake (lightly soaked in rum, then layered with thin ganache and hazelnut praline cream); Lemon Cake (soaked in a tart citrus syrup and layered with a smooth citrus creme); and Chocolate Coconut Cake (filled with layers of ganache, chocolate buttercream and toasted coconut cream).  YUM!  Now our stomachs are growling.  Read on to get to know a little more about Gabby.




Name: Gabrielle Feuersinger

Company: Cake Coquette

Started My Business: in 2007

Located: 1501 Cortland Ave San Francisco, CA 94110


Q: Which industry related tool can you not live without?

 A: The special smoothing and sculpting tools I use for icing buttercream and shaping cakes are my most essential tools.

Kitchen time

Q: When you’re not on site at an event, what can we find you doing?

A: Any moment not working I am spending time with my almost 3-year-old son and with my family; lately we are working in the garden.

Q: At which venue are you dying to work?

A: I can’t think of a venue that I am dying to work at, but I love when I get access to residential homes or venues of architectural significance that may not normally be open to the public.

Q: My go to snack is ________.

A:  I love all dark, wheat, seedy, nutty breads covered in jam.

Photo courtesy 10th Kitchen

Photo courtesy 10th Kitchen

Q: What is/are your guilty pleasure(s)?

A: This is not very exciting, but if I can get time to read this feels like a guilty pleasure….I’m on the second book of Game of Thrones.

Q: TV wise, what are you watching right now?

A: I watch Jimmy Fallon and Conan every night (from the night before). I just finished the first season of Game of Thrones and am starting to watch The Borghese.


Q: I can’t stand ________.

A: people who are late.

Q: What’s the last thing you purchased online?

A: The most recent online purchase was from eBay, an unopened set of The Beatles figurines from the Yellow Submarine movie. They are for my son, who is obsessed with the Fab Four.

Photo courtesy Animation Magazine

Photo courtesy Animation Magazine

Q: Music wise, I am currently listening to ______.

A: The Beatles.

Q: Favorite thing I currently have hanging in my closet is ______

A: A new dress from this amazing store called MAC in Hayes valley.

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant in the Bay Area?

A: To pick a favorite restaurant is too hard, but I am always up for Gracias Madre.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 12.15.08 PM

Q: Why are you most excited to be working with the Stacy McCain Event Planning team?

A: I love working with the Stacy McCain Event Planning Team because I know that everything about our event will be seamless and stunning. And that we might end up in Martha Stewart Weddings together!!

(So, we did actually end up in Martha Stewart Weddings together, which you can read about by following this link!)


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