Get to Know… Jillian Schiavi of jilly ink

This month we are getting to know Jillian Schiavi, recent full time(!!) calligrapher and Oakland resident.  We think Jillian’s work is stunning and can’t wait to begin working with her!  Whether or not she should have been born in France is still undecided, however we are certain that her interests and talents will allow her to thrive in the Bay Area.


jillian schiavi

Name: Jillian Schiavi

Company: jilly ink

Started My Business: I started part-time in 2010 and made the leap to full-time last July, 2013

Located: Oakland, CA – just just relocated from Chicago, IL


Q: Which industry related tool can you not live without?

 A: Yikes! Can I pick two? I’d be lost without my Copic Multiliner pens and my right angle ruler. Cutting paper for various projects and using pens that don’t bleed when the pencil markings underneath are erased are daily occurrences for me.

copic multiliner

Q: When you’re not on site at an event, what can we find you doing?

A: You can find me either biking around my new neighborhood, exploring all the local coffee shops, farmers markets, stores, taking breaks to read in the park next to Lake Merritt, practicing yoga, or meeting with friends for dinners and wine and great conversation.

Q: At which venue are you dying to work?

A: I love working with natural elements and transforming outdoor spaces, so moving out here opens up an entirely new world of possibilities for me. Muir Woods and anywhere in wine country would be so much fun to do work.

muir woods

Q: My go to snack is ________.

A:  A peanut butter Larabar and Arbonne chocolate protein shake – those tide me over in the middle of the afternoon when I’m wading through a pile of wedding envelopes or elbow-deep in a new series of illustrations.


Q: What is/are your guilty pleasure(s)?

A: Baked goods. Give me a delicious cinnamon scone, an almond croissant, or even a freshly baked crusty baguette and I’m in heaven. I swear I should have been born in France.

Q: TV wise, what are you watching right now?

A: House of Cards, Nashville, New Girl


Q: I can’t stand ________.

A: People who don’t follow through, and inauthenticity.

Q: What’s the last thing you purchased online?

A: Arbonne Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion and Whitelines A4 Squared Notebooks

Q: Music wise, I am currently listening to ______.

A: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and Local Natives. Love!

Q: Favorite thing I currently have hanging in my closet is ______

A: My lululemon athletica Method Wrap – I used to work there, and snatched it up pronto. Things fly out of those stores, so you’ve gotta grab it right when you see it!

lululemon method wrap

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant in the Bay Area?

A: So far it’s a toss up between Delfina and Out the Door.


Q: Why are you most excited to be working with the Stacy McCain Event Planning team?

A: I’m thrilled to begin working with the team – it’s evident that the group is made up of organized, creative, fun and engaging ladies, and I can’t wait to collaborate!


As an introduction gift to the Bay Area and California, Jillian is offering a 10% discount on all wedding lettering services through the end of May to all west coast couples.  Please contact Jillian for more information { }


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