Questions for Stacy: Who should I invite to the rehearsal dinner?


Hi Stacy.  My fiancé and I are in the beginning stages of planning our Rehearsal Dinner. As far as guest list goes, who is typically invited?


Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner includes the Bride, Groom, their immediate family members and the members of their bridal party.  For many couples, this has evolved over time to include extended family and out-of-town guests.  It’s also a tradition for the Groom’s side of the family to pay for the rehearsal dinner celebrations, so the final guest count often depends on their budget for the evening.
A good solution for those couples who want to include more of their wedding guests is for them to host a welcome reception or coordinate a place for everyone to meet up after their rehearsal dinner.  That way they are able to enjoy a more intimate rehearsal dinner before meeting up with the larger group in a more casual setting.
Photo by Gertrude & Mabel

Photo by Gertrude & Mabel

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