Post Wedding Day Brunch Style with BB Style

Welcome back to our newest installment of wedding styling tips featuring BB Style!  The day after your wedding, you’re exhausted, still running on pure adrenaline and want to relax with your guests after the Big Day. You’ve pulled out all the stops with fabulous outfits throughout the week, and now your post wedding day brunch is the final event before you head out on your honeymoon (yay!). Whether your brunch is a casual “grab and go” event or a full sit down meal, you want to continue to show off your unique wedding style.

Bri’s tips on styling outfits for your Post Wedding Day Brunch:

– Go with a maxi dress or cute skirt and top. After being in your dress for several hours on the Big Day, dressing in a fun chic outfit for your brunch will set the casual post-wedding tone, and allow you to relax and reminisce about your wedding.

– Consider opting for cute flats to give your feet a rest!

– Compliment your playful brunch outfit with some colorful accessories.

– It’s ok to wear your shades, especially to an outdoor brunch. I suggest shielding your tired eyes with some cat eye or round sunglasses.

– Wear your new initial… there are so many cute monogramed jewelry options on the market!  I love seeing these on a delicate necklace, bracelet or ring (such as the Bauble Bar Initial Disk Necklace, featured with the beach outfit).

Post Wedding Brunch Style Board BB Final(1)

Beach OutfitMiss Selfridge Embroidered Dress | Ray Ban Aviators | Bauble Bar Initial Disk Necklace | Bauble Bar Triad Cuff | Zara Embroidered Bag | Zara Sparkly Flats

City OutfitJoie Lace Dress | Kate Spade “Mrs.” Necklace | Forever 21 Pyramid Bangle | Kenneth Jay Lane Oval Ring | Just Fab Nude Heels

Garden Outfit- Zara Embroidered Top | Miss Selfridge Pom Skirt | J. Crew Neon Stone Necklace | Bauble Bar Bridal Bangle | Loft Color Block Wedges

Wine Country Outfit– J. Crew Silk Maxi Dress | Cat Eye Round Glasses | Tom Binns Statement Earrings | Jennifer Meyer for J. Crew Jeweled Cuff | Zara Flat Sandals

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2013 TRENDS: Florals with Atelier Joya

Welcome back to our recurring monthly series, 2013 TRENDS.  This month we selected to interview the dynamic design duo at Atelier Joya, Priska Kaspar Jayme and Lisa Boone.  We cannot speak highly enough about these innovative, enthusiastic and creative women and love any opportunity we have to work with them.  Atelier Joya is forever ahead of the curve, so it seemed fitting to ask them to forecast this year’s trends in florals. On behalf of Atelier Joya, Lisa shares her thoughts on the exciting things in store for 2013.

Lisa Boone and Priska Jayme Jasper

Lisa Boone and Priska Kaspar Jayme

Q: First tell us about Atelier Joya and how your company got started.

A: Priska has been working with flowers since she was a little girl. She grew up in Switzerland where her parents owned a nursery & flower shop. She knows the ins and outs of flowers and has had a passion for them all of her life. I have a background in interior design & styling and can remember spending many afternoons as a child doing the “decorating” for parties and always wanting to make my surroundings beautiful. Priska & I met while working for an event design company together. A year after both of us had left, we realized we missed working together and that we both were interested in starting a business. We both wanted to continue doing what we loved and knew we had the background to make it happen. That’s how it all began…

Decor by Atelier Joya, photo by: Sergio Mottola

Decor by Atelier Joya, photo by: Sergio Mottola

Decor by Atelier Joya, Photo by: Sergio Mottola

Decor by Atelier Joya, Photo by: Sergio Mottola

Q: How would you describe Atelier Joya’s philosophy of design?  What makes your work stand out amongst your peers in terms of quality, products and materials?

A: Atelier Joya has a refined, sophisticated style. For each event there are several key components we consider: color, proportion and a dramatic/unexpected element. We always take the venue into consideration and create designs that not only highlight the venue, but also enhance any decor elements that we bring in.

We always use the highest quality materials and believe in excellent craftsmanship. Priska has been in the floral business for over 20 years and she knows exactly how flowers respond to different handling techniques, climates and seasons. She is able to create any style of arrangement, as she deeply understands the technical skills behind it. I think what really makes us stand out amongst our peers is the thoughtfulness that goes into each event.  Not only do we design the floral arrangements, we design the entire event! By taking every differing design component into consideration, we are able to enhance each component of the design and have a cohesive look with layers of depth, dimension and surprise.

Photo by Gertrude & Mabel

Photo by Gertrude & Mabel

Photo by Gertrude & Mabel

Photo by Gertrude & Mabel

Q: Which flowers and themes were popular in 2012 that you think you’ll be seeing less of in 2013? Can you share some photos?

A: Mercury glass was very popular, along with florals in shades of blush pink and ivory with a hint of dusty miller mixed in.

Design & florals by Atelier Joya, photo by: Sasha Gulish

Design & florals by Atelier Joya, photo by: Sasha Gulish

Q: In your opinion, what are the new ‘it’ colors and floral trends for 2013?  Can you share some photos of these colors and trends?

A: We’re seeing a bit more color this year. There are lots of corals, peaches and even some fruits like kumquats and textural materials. The loose, organic, garden style is very popular right now too.

Florals & photo by Atelier Joya

Florals & photo by Atelier Joya

Q: Are there any new varieties of flowers, herbs or other plants on the market this year that you’ve not seen in the past?  Can you share some photos?

A: Every year we see a few new varieties of roses, garden roses dahlias and tulips. While this isn’t a new variety, we absolutely love using tree peonies during the 2-4 week period that they are available at the market.

Florals & photo by Atelier Joya

Florals & photo by Atelier Joya

Q: We saw a lot of mercury glass vessels being used in 2012.  Do you think a new innovative container and/or material will take center stage this year?

 A: We’re seeing a lot of gold accents (i.e. votives, silverware, rims of plates). We also think earthenware and ceramic pieces will take center stage. For us, we really like to focus on using specialty vessels that aren’t necessarily the latest trend, but are specifically sourced for the event. Our pieces are selected to showcase the flowers perfectly and to make an original arrangement that adds a one of a kind experience for the guests.

Heath Ceramics

Heath Ceramics

Photo courtesy Dwell Studio

Photo courtesy Dwell Studio

Q: When you start working with a new client on a wedding, how does the process begin?

A: It’s so much fun starting to work with a new client.  Initially, we sit down with the couple and talk about their vision for the day. What is it that they want to experience…what is the feeling they want to evoke. We have them fill out a questionnaire that helps us to get to know more about them as a couple. Some questions we might ask are what their hobbies are, what their dream home would look like, where do they like to travel, what magazines do they read, etc. We gather lots of information to get a real sense of the couple and come up with ideas for ways to have their personality shine through at the wedding. We spend time looking at photos together and learn what they gravitate towards. Once we have a good sense of who they are and what they are envisioning, we get to work designing for them.

Q: In your experience, how much of her budget should a bride set aside for florals and event design?

A: The budget really depends on the client’s priorities. For some clients, their most important component is the food, while for others it might be the music and for others the floral & decor. I think a great deal depends on the venue that is selected as well. The budget varies quite a bit depending on how many items need to be brought in versus how much the venue already provides.

Q: What is the most over the top, fabulous event you’ve been a part of?  Can you tell us about your contributions and share some photos?

A: A really amazing event for us to design was the Kim Crawford Welcome Tent at the South Beach Food & Wine Festival. With over 20,000 guests attending the event, we captured the brand’s whimsical, glamorous image as well as evoked a Miami Beach vibe. We created the overall concept/design for the tent. Our client gave us the freedom to think outside the box and go big with an 80′ wall art installation. It was so satisfying to see our initial rendering come to life

Design by: Atelier Joya, Photo by: Jason Koerner

Design by: Atelier Joya, Photo by: Jason Koerner

Design by: Atelier Joya, Photo by: Jason Koerner

Design by: Atelier Joya, Photo by: Jason Koerner

Design by: Atelier Joya  Photo: Jason Koerner

Design by: Atelier Joya Photo: Jason Koerner

Photo by Atelier Joya

Rendering by Atelier Joya

Q: If you had an opportunity to put together your dream event (wedding or otherwise) with all your favorite florals and an unlimited budget, what would it look like?  

A: I would love to host an event in a faraway destination like the Greek Isles in a beautiful home with white stucco walls and a stunning view of the Aegean sea. It would be a gathering of close friends and family and it would be a time to relax, take in the sun and eat amazing food. I picture the decor in the evening being a sea of gorgeous lanterns scattered about the villa and large antiqued pots overflowing with fresh local flowers each day.

Photo courtesy Photo Bucket

Photo courtesy Elle Decor

Photo courtesy Photo Bucket

Photo courtesy Photo Bucket

Photo on the left by Elle Decor; lanterns on the right from Casamidy

Photo on the left by Elle Decor; lanterns on the right from Casamidy

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Rehearsal Dinner Style with BB Style

Welcome back to our style series featuring Brianne Binder with BB Style! Today, we have another exciting Wedding Style guide for those of you who have been thinking about what you’ll be wearing to your Rehearsal Dinner and/or are in panic mode to find the perfect something to wear on the eve of your big day.

Have no fear, Brianne has some great styles to inspire you and get you ready for your Rehearsal Dinner; whether it’s a Beach, Garden, Wine Country or City Wedding. This is the big kick off to your wedding celebration, and you’ll be surrounded by family and dear friends. Since you’ll be the talk of the party and glowing with excitement, you’ll want to look put together with all of the attention focused on you!

Here’s a few suggestions on finding the right look that fits your style and event:

– It’s always fun to wear white or cream, to feel very bridal.  Brianne suggests adding some fun colorful jewelry or striking shoes. (glitter is always fun).

– Try a different silhouette than you would normally wear or a bold pattern that stands out.

– If you have a wedding theme, say, for example, Great Gatsby inspired, wear a dress that also goes along with the theme to get everyone excited for the details to come on the big day.

– Don’t be afraid to sparkle! Wear a dressy sequin dress in a flattering silhouette.

– You can’t go wrong with lace in any color! (Check out a couple of cute options here and here).

– Order options online so you can try them on at home and feel really good about your final decision. If you feel confident you will shine even brighter.

Have fun with it and try not to stress; everything will come together!

Rehearsal Dinner Style Board 2 _ BB Style

Beach OutfitMilly Chiffon Halter in Coral | Kate Spade Pearl Studs | Zara Clutch | J. Crew Nude Wedge

Wine Country OutfitNotte by Marchesa One Shoulder Dress | LuLu Frost by J. Crew cuff | Anthropologie Clutch | Kate Spade Sequin Bow Heels

 Garden OutfitJ. Crew Lace Dress | Kate Spade Bridal Statement Necklace | Jeweled Cuff | Tory Burch Gold Clutch | J. Crew Pave Chain Link Flats Gold

City OutfitMango Sequin Dress | LuLu Frost for J. Crew Star Earrings | DVF Clutch | Kate Spade Heels

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Questions for Stacy: Hair & Makeup Services for Bridesmaids


What is the protocol for providing hair and makeup services for my bridesmaids?  As much as I’d like to pamper my bridesmaids by providing both services, my budget does not currently allow for it.  Do you have any suggestions for a good compromise?


Good question.  It all depends on whether or not you have a specific look in mind for photographs, as well as what you think your bridesmaids’ needs will be.  If there is a more specific hairstyle you’d like each of your bridesmaids to have, it would be wise to hire a hairstylist to achieve that look.  In our experience, women feel more comfortable applying their own makeup while leaving the hairstyling to professionals.  You might suggest that your bridesmaids pay a visit to their favorite department store makeup counter prior to the wedding for some tips on achieving their ideal look for your wedding.  To save money on makeup artists, you could check to see if anyone within the bridal party feels comfortable applying eye makeup for the other bridesmaids, allowing each bridesmaid to take care of their own foundation and powder needs.

Another alternative to taking care of hair and makeup for all of your bridesmaids is to let them know you’ll take care of one of their services – either hair OR makeup.  This way, they can let the professionals take care of the one service with which they need the most help.  You could also give them the option to pay for the other service on their own.  This will allow all your bridesmaids to look and feel their best while standing beside you on your big day, without breaking your budget.
Photo by Gertrude & Mabel

Photo by Gertrude & Mabel

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