2013 Trends: Colors with Sharla Flock Designs

Welcome to this month’s installment of 2013 Trends, where we explore all things associated with COLOR!  For this interview, we enlisted floral guru Sharla Flock to share her thoughts on the ‘it’ colors of the moment, define colors as they pertain to her overall aesthetic, and to have some fun creating her very own ‘dream wedding’.  If you’ve had the pleasure of working with Sharla before, you’ll definitely hear her fun-loving, heartfelt, passionate personality shine through in this interview.  We are such fans of Sharla’s work, and are looking forward to partnering with her on several weddings this Summer and beyond!

Q: First, tell us a little bit about Sharla Flock Designs including your scope of services and a description of your overall aesthetic.

A: Sharla Flock Designs is a floral design studio specializing in wedding and event work.  I enjoy playing a part in the overall event design whenever possible. For me, there is no better “high” than walking away from a wedding feeling as though it has been flawlessly executed. Having a creative team working together with a passion for design makes our work so fun and rewarding.  Details, details, details; it’s all about those tasty little details!  I’m drawn to texture, am a freak for color, and love all the subtle differences in tones. Pink is never just pink. Raspberry, bubble gum, blush… Being able to create a floral and color palette for my brides that reflects their aesthetic is what it’s all about. Each wedding is as unique as the individual client!

SharlaFlock-COLOR image

Photo by Sharla Flock

Q: At the beginning of each year, Pantone announces their Color of the Year, which is Emerald this year.  In your experience, does this announcement directly affect the way color trends shift from year to year?

A: In 2012, the Pantone color was Tangerine. I can honestly say until most recently, I have not embraced the color orange and most of my brides have followed suit. I tend to be known for my green, white, brown, blush tones. In my designs, people tend to appreciate neutral palettes that are reflective of nature. However, I am really yearning for more color in 2013 and am excited to see what trends will play out.

I have a wedding in April with a Mad Men underlying theme. Some of the bridesmaids will be in an Emerald tone and I can’t wait to see it!

Photo by Sharla Flock

Photo by Sharla Flock

Q: Are you seeing any innovative color combinations (ie: coral & turquoise) in 2013?

A: Sigh… still not a lot of color yet! I’m getting a lot of requests for Black & White themes again. And of course, all white is still popular. Again, this may speak more to my design aesthetic, which attracts brides who want a more monochromatic color theme. The season is still young and full of possibilities however, and I’m hopeful that color will rain down on this wedding season.

Q: Which colors are you hoping to see more of in 2013?

A: I’m embracing, with a new enthusiasm, the colors of the sunset. There is something about orange, rust, coral, and plum tones that feels so alive and vibrant. They are also a wee bit earthy, which is always something that I gravitate towards.  Autumn is like candy for my eyes. I’m also so happy for the turn of seasons when I see the deep plum tones, rich reds, browns, and rusts around every corner at the flower market. It’s as if you can eat you way through the palette. SO yummy!

Photo by Sharla Flock

Photo by Sharla Flock

Q: Which 2012 trends and colors will we be seeing less of in 2013?

A: Blush needs to go on a vacation and bring mercury glass with her. Don’t get me wrong, I have been THE card-carrying member of the “blush peony, garden rose, dusty miller in mercury glass” club for a few years now, but it’s time to move on to something different and perhaps unexpected.

Q: When building a color palatte with your clients, what are the first steps you take towards making a final decision?

A: I listen to what my clients are naturally drawn to. I ask them about the color in their home, what they like to wear. It’s always a tell-tell sign when they whip out their ipad and the cover is hot pink!  I give my clients permission to go with the color palette they are drawn to, regardless of the season. It’s so important that the palette be reflective of the client.  Having an all blush wedding in October is perfectly acceptable in my book and should be embraced.

Photo by Sharla Flock

Photo by Sharla Flock

Q: If a client comes to you with a desire to incorporate two colors which you feel clash with one another – how do you compromise?

A: I’m always honest with my clients. I wish I could sensor myself at times, but if it feels really jarring, I will always share my concerns. Most times it’s just a matter of adding a transition color to help bridge the gap so the palette feels more cohesive.

Q:  How do you gauge the number of colors to be included in a wedding color palatte?  Is there a certain number of colors at which you would suggest capping?

A:  I try to keep within a color story palette, meaning in a range from light to dark and either warm or cool tones. (this is where my art background rears it’s ugly head – ha!).  I love playing around with possible options, mixing textures and colors that really play off each other. I think it’s best to have less range in color and more range in tones.  There isn’t a magic number to this equation, it’s more about the type, style, and shape of the individual flowers in addition to the colors.

Photo by Sharla Flock

Photo by Sharla Flock

Q:  If you had an opportunity to create your dream wedding featuring your favorite colors and florals – how would it look?

A:  I think it would feel like a vintage Thanksgiving: abundance of food, florals, and gratitude. Deep, rich reds, browns, burgundies, and plum tones in a collection of rustic, vintage footed vessels.  Think trophy vases, goblets, and tarnished silver. (Side note: I had the loveliest bride this year who had a note for each and every guest at his or her place setting. That kind of thoughtfulness is better than any wedding cake, hands down!)  I would see a candlelit evening ceremony followed by a feast of beautiful and delicious food.  Then there would be dancing until we collapse on day beds set out on the lawn of the property and fall asleep under the stars.

Photo by Robert Hatch

Photo by Robert Hatch

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