2013 Trends: Wedding Cuisine

Welcome back for our second installment of 2013 Trends!  (Here is last month’s trend feature on wedding gowns in case you missed it!)

Our February 2013 Trends post features an interview with the fun and fabulous Jessica Haro of Global Gourmet Catering.  We had the pleasure of enjoying a tasting with Global Gourmet in January and were dazzled and delighted by everything we were served.


A snapshot of our tasting with Global Gourmet Catering (clockwise from top left): Inside Out BLT; Pan-Seared California White Sea Bass with sauteed Northern Lights chard and lemon horseradish-carrot puree; Kalua Pork and Taro Root Taco; Roasted Eggplant, Quinoa and Minted Burrata Wrapped in Phyllo Pastry

Based out of San Francisco, Global Gourmet prides it’self on being able to deliver restaurant-caliber food, impeccable service, and trend-setting design while paying close attention to detail.  In addition to offering seasonal, sustainably farmed organic cuisine sourced primarily from the Bay Area, this truly green caterer commits to incorporating environmentally friendly practices in their event production as well as their day-to-day operations.  We caught up with Jessica to discuss and forecast the newest trends in wedding cuisine for 2013:

Q: What do you think will be different this year in terms of food trends in 2012 versus 2013?

A: Being in the Bay Area, fresh seasonal food will always be what’s in style. During the last couple of years, rustic foods have been a trend and while I feel we will still see this at some weddings, I think it’s more of a shift to upscale, “comfort” food that allows guests to enjoy themselves while not feeling stuffy.

Crimson Watermelon and Gold Heirloom Tomato Napoleon with a Fino Verde Basil Emulsion, Burrata, Arugula and Balsamic Reduction.
Photo Credit Sasha Gulish

Q: What’s new in the Global Gourmet kitchens this year?

A: Our executive chef, Eric Magnani, is always working on new dishes. Something he’s excited about this year is going back to basics. Working with our core staff on producing products from scratch, for example, since the start of January, Eric has been hosting weekly seminars with his staff on how to create dishes such as tofu straight from soy beans, or pickling and fermentation. Next week’s seminar is on sourdough bread making and an upcoming seminar is on mozzarella fresca and burrata (you can bet I’ll be sneaking into the kitchen that week!).

Q: What kind of service will we be seeing more of in 2013 (family style, Russian etc.)?

A: Traditional seated meals at weddings will always be the frontrunners because there’s something to be said for serving guests so they can relax and enjoy themselves with family and friends and have breaks for speeches. The tables have changed a lot: shifting from the usual 60-inch rounds to square tables and long kings tables. With the long tables, couples tend to prefer family style,but at Global Gourmet we provide a mix of Russian style (servers walking with platters and serving individually) with the proteins, and family style with the sides, so no one drops a juicy short rib on their dress while trying to serve themselves :). We have been seeing a spike in station service for weddings lately (not buffet, but rather stations scattered around the room) to allow guests to try different types of food and mingle.

Photo Credit Sasha Gulish

Q: What’s your most popular entree request thus far?

A: Global Gourmet Catering is known for all of our short rib dishes because our chef braises them for four hours in various, local wines depending on the season and clients preference (Chardonnay for Spring, Pinot Noir for Summer and Cabernet for Fall/Winter). Short ribs are a wonderful protein to offer guests at weddings because the couple doesn’t need to be concerned with how their guests prefer their meat cooked, and when the meat is so tender it doesn’t need a knife, women can enjoy them without it splattering on their dress.

Q: Have you had many unique fusion requests for 2013?

A: Our chef’s favorite saying is, “Fusion leads to confusion,” so I’ll have to say we haven’t had any “fusion” requests, but rather world flavor inspirations with California sensibility. My favorite last year was Japanese and Hispanic and we combined a miso wrap with jalapeño peppers. We’re currently working on a menu that is Indian and Persian and another one that will combine Indian and Scottish flavors. Our chef and team are always very excited when we have couples that ask us to create custom menus combining their cultures and allowing us to further expand our menu.


A Duet of Salads and Mini Mug of Curried Cauliflower Bisque, topped with a Red Pepper and Hot Lime Samosa.
Photo Credit Cliff Brunk

Q: What will we be seeing more of for first courses in 2013?

A: Global Gourmet will be focusing smaller plates with larger flavors featuring local productions from the nine Bay Area counties. For example, a local snapper crudo from the Farallons on shaved baby artichoke salad with beet emulsion.

Q: What 2012 trend are you happy to be seeing less of in 2013?

A: Honestly, while I love the concept of family style service, I prefer plated because it allows us to highlight the beautiful presentation of our dishes. With family style, if you’re the second or third person receiving the platter, while it still tastes phenomenal, you loose the beauty that the chef has put into setting up the dish. It’s also more costly for brides because more food needs to be prepared when guests serve themselves, and oftentimes, they over serve themselves and the food can go to waste.

HD photos Weddings By Sasha

A Variety of Hors d’Oeuvres including the famous Kālua Pork and Taro Root Taco with Green Onion Slaw, and the Twice Baked Potato Cup with Truffled Brie and Fresh Chives.
Photo Credit: Sasha Gulish

Q: If you could dream up your perfect meal, what would it consist of?

A: My perfect meal would start with Global Gourmet’s watermelon, heirloom tomato, burrata and arugula salad. Then I would have one of our sea bass dishes with a seasonal puree, and end with a dessert from our amazing pastry chef, James McCann, which would either be a fresh strawberry shortcake or a pana cotta. Oh, and I would have a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc to enjoy through the entire meal.

Photo Credit: Andrew Weeks Photography

One of James McCann’s Famous Panna Cottas with a White Chocolate Stick.
Photo Credit: Andrew Weeks Photography

And finally, are you able to share a recipe with us?

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 11.24.05 AM

A huge thank you goes out to Jessica Haro from all of us at SMEP!  We’re excited to see all of the wonderful menus you continue to create in 2013!

Danielle + Adam Tie The Knot

On a perfect September afternoon in Sonoma, Danielle and Adam’s nearest and dearest gathered at B.R. Cohn to celebrate the sweet couple’s lifelong commitment to one another.  After enjoying an intimate and emotional ceremony, the couple was whisked away in a stylish 1938 vintage sedan to enjoy a private moment before they were led into their cocktail reception by a violinist.  The couple was then toasted throughout the evening, which was filled with laughter and fun.

 Some of our favorite details included the clothespin adorned escort table, the typewriter that served as a guestbook inviting guests to predict where the couple would be in 10 years time, the cascading cactus and butterfly centerpiece on the dessert table, and of course, the couple’s complete and utter adoration of one another.

Wishing Danielle + Adam years and years of continued wedding bliss!

1 invitation

2 danielle's shoes

3 getting ready room detail

4 adam getting ready2

5 getting ready1

6 dress

7 danielle getting ready

8 adam getting ready

1 ceremony4

2 ceremony5

2.5 ceremony

2.75 ceremony1

3 ceremony 4

4 ceremony

7 ceremony2

8 ceremony3

9 end of the ceremony


11 couple2

1 escort card display

2 danielle2

2 dinner centerpiece 2

3 escort card display2

4 couple3

5 couple7

6 guest book note

8 couple6


11 couple4

1 dinner area

2 dinner centerpiece

3 dinner table detail2

4 dinner plate detail

5 dinner table detail

6 couple1

7 dinner table plate

8 dinner

9 couple5

10 dessert table

15 first dance

16 dessert table2

17 first dance2

17.5 dinner:toast

18 dinner2

Photography:  EP Love / Planning & Coordination: Stacy McCain Event Planning/ Venue: B.R. Cohn / Caterer: Grapevine Catering / Flowers: Catherine Scott Flowers  / Photo Booth: Magnolia Photo Booth/ Videographer: Shade Tree Films / DJ: DJ David  / Cupcakes: Foxy Cupcakes / Rentals: Wine Country Party Rentals /  Ceremony/Cocktail Music: Golden Gates Music / Getaway Car: Bow Tie Limousine 

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Questions for Stacy: Wedding Processional Protocol


I am in the process of putting together the processional for my upcoming wedding, however I’m not exactly sure about the order.  Can you please explain how the processional order is traditionally organized?


Keep in mind each couple decides to include various people within their wedding party.  Some of our couples have a small wedding party of two, whereas other couples elect to include 12 bridesmaids and groomsmen on each side!  Ultimately it’s up to you as to how many you want to include.  We found the following images on Martha Stewart Weddings, which we think are a helpful guideline when explaining the processional to our brides and grooms.  Please note the differences between Christian/Catholic and Jewish processionals.  We understand that putting together your processional can be a daunting task, however in the end it makes for a smooth rehearsal ceremony because everyone knows exactly where they need to be.  Good luck!

Processional at a Christian/Catholic Ceremony


Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings



1. Bride’s Father
2. Bride
3. Flower Girl
4. Ring Bearer
5. Maid of Honor
6. Bridesmaids
7. Ushers
8. Officiant
9. Groom
10. Best Man








Processional at a Jewish Ceremony

Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings




1. Bride
2. Bride’s Father
3. Bride’s Mother
4. Flower Girl
5. Ring Bearer
6. Bridesmaids
7. Groom’s Father
8. Groom’s Mother
9. Groom
10. Best Man
11. Ushers
12. Bride’s/Groom’s Grandfather
13. Bride’s/Groom’s Grandmother

Happy Valentines Day!

Credit: Elizabeth Messina

Credit: Elizabeth Messina

Fade Into You 

If you were the ocean I was the sun
If the day made me heavy and gravity won
If I was the red and you were the blue
I could just fade into you

If you were the window if I was the rain
I’d pour myself out and wash off the pain
I’d fall like the tears so you’re light could shine through
Then I’d just fade into you

In your heart in your head
In your arms in your bed
Under your skin
Till there’s no way to know
Where you end and where I begin

I was a shadow and you were a street
A cobblestone midnight is where we first meet
Till the light’s flickered out we’d dance with the moon
Then I just fade into you

In your heart in your head
In your arms in your bed
Under your skin
Till there’s no way to know
Where you end and where I begin

I want to melt i want to soak through
I only want to move when you move
I want to breathe when you breathe
then I want to fade into you

I was the ashes, you were the ground
Under your willow they lay me down
There’ll be no trace that one was once two
After I fade into you

~ feat. Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen from the show Nashville

Credit: Eva Black Design

Credit: Eva Black Design

Wishing you and yours a lovely day!

from Stacy McCain Event Planning

Salon Spotlight: Vera Wang Bridal

We recently had the opportunity to visit the brand new Vera Wang Bridal in Union Square.  They took over the space that used to be Jessica McClintock, and the salon has sweeping views of the bustling Union Square scene.  The space is very masculine and simple, which allows the gorgeous dresses to shine.  This marks their sixth U.S. location, with the others being in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Ohio and Florida.

We were given a tour by Kelsey, an incredibly knowledgable Operations Manager who has worked first hand with Vera herself.  The salon features 4 rooms, and they can host up to 3 fittings at a time.  There are always at least 2 consultants on site for fittings.

The current collection is full of so many fabulous details:  ‘floating’ gowns with layered laces and honeycomb tuile, varying ombre shades of white , and architecturally structured gowns and peplum accents.  Kelsey also mentioned that they are receiving more and more requests for colorful gowns – most often in red and black.  How very San Francisco 🙂

Please enjoy the following photos we took on site.  Or better yet – head over to the salon to see them in person because words cannot do justice for how stunning these gowns really are!

photo 1

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

photo 5

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1