Interview with Anne Nichols, creator of

First, tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

An entrepreneur by day, I am also a mom to two girls, a wife, and crazy about all things related to art, fashion and design.  Career-wise, I’ve managed e-commerce businesses for specialty retailers and brought new digital media products to market that have been leveraged by leading marketers including Pottery Barn, eBay, Amazon, Mercedes and Twentieth Century Fox.

Marrying my passion for fashion with business, I also launched a women’s handbag line with national distribution in specialty boutiques and coverage in InStyle and Lucky magazines.

How did you come up with the idea for Favery?

I was always looking for and discovering new ideas and inspiration online that I not only wanted to remember, but share with friends and get their feedback. On top of that, I had friends that had either just gotten married, or were bridesmaids and they told me they wanted a way to share their ideas with just their close circle of friends, or the people helping them plan their wedding. They wanted to get feedback on everything from dresses to hairstyles to what table setting to choose, and they didn’t have a quick, visual way to do that.

We work with a lot of brides in our line of work.  Do you think they will find Favery to be a useful tool?

We created Favery specifically with brides in mind. There are many details that go into creating an unforgettable wedding, Favery provides a way to not only collect ideas, but a place where brides can decide how they want to share (private, invite only or public) and ultimately a tool to help make final decisions on everything from dresses to invitations to flowers.

I’m working with a bride who has a ton of ideas for how she wants her bouquet to look on her big day.  How could she use Favery to help her make a decision?

For starters, she can gather pictures of bouquets or flowers that she loves, she can then share this inspiration with you, even going so far as creating a custom poll where she can ask you “Which flowers will be in season for my wedding date?”

What about the guys.  What kind of things could men find useful about this site?

Favery not only provides a great place for guys to save ideas for honeymoon destinations and get input from their friends, it also makes it super easy for brides to get their guys involved in the decision making process. They can simply invite their guys to a vote where they can help choose everything from suites to the the drink menu to the getaway car.

One of the things we love most about Favery is the ability to share ‘votes’ with friends and colleagues so they can weigh in on their favorite choices.  How have you used this feature to help you make decisions?

My husband and I just panned our anniversary weekend away and we shared a board on Favery to save ideas for everything from where to stay to where to eat. And when it came time to make the final decision on hotel, I created a vote and asked him to “Pick your favorite spot.” He in turn asked me “Which restaurant for dinner?”

What are some of your favorite boards?

A few of my favorites include:

The The Knot – Filmfemme Style

Tie The Knot

Future Mrs. Wakefield – Tie The Knot

Where are your hopes and dreams for Favery?

To create a community where people can not only find and share incredible ideas and inspiration, but to go beyond just posting cool stuff, to provide a place where they can easily get input from friends whose style they love and trust.

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