for the boys [wedding attire for the groom]

We’ve talked wedding gowns and THE dress, but what about the boys? We can’t leave them out!

Inspired by the dapper blog, Launderette, and their adorable bow-tying tutorial, we realized that there is not enough talk of what the groom will wear. You always hear, “I cannot wait to see your dress!”, but they should also be saying, “I can’t wait to see how handsome the groom will look!”

Just like when you were picking out your dress, your groom must look his best as well, while reflecting the style of your wedding, and of course being comfortable. So, start by thinking about your wedding day- is it going to be an evening or daytime event? Formal or informal? Will it take place on the beach? In a church? A gallery space? You also have to think about your groom. If he’s more casual, maybe a full-on tux is not the way to go. It’s his big day, too, so listen to what he has to say.

If your wedding is formal, he should go all out: tuxedo, vest, cufflinks tie or bowtie. To keep it a little less formal but still dapper, go with a good suit and tie. For a more hip look, he can wear nice slacks, a well-fitting button down, a vest, and tie or bowtie. Keeping the weather in mind is also really important. We think it’s a great idea to have a second “back-up” shirt for summer weddings. Having the option to change into a fresh shirt can make all the difference on those hot days.

No matter which way you go, we can’t stress this one point enough: FIT. Make sure the suit, pants, shirt, etc. all fit just right. You will appreciate this when looking back on your pictures! Note: Remember to set up a final fitting two weeks before your wedding day to ensure the best fit.

While we’re on the topic of fit, getting a custom suit made for your big day is a great idea, plus you know the fit will be impeccable since it’s cut especially for you. You probably had most of your dress customized to look exactly how you always imagined, so why shouldn’t your groom experience the same “tailor-made” treatment? In San Francisco, we like Al’s Attire, but also be sure to check out Astor & Black.

The perfect accessories pull the look together. Wear some special cufflinks, suspenders, a nice watch, a great pair of shoes, and socks that either match the shoes, or match the colors/style of the wedding. Have fun with these little details!

Check out this groom’s guide from June Bug Weddings for more details on tuxedos, suits, alternative wear, and accessories.

Next time, we’ll talk about your wedding party, because they gotta look good too! Stay tuned….

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