not just for bouquets

We recently talked about some of the lovely wedding trends for 2012, but one other trend that we’re loving is florals. We’re not talking about bouquets or centerpieces, though we adore a stunning arrangement. We’re talking about floral details used throughout the wedding, and we don’t mean those old-fashioned, tacky florals, but modern, elegant, and even whimsical, but still tasteful and lovely.

We’re loving the modern floral details we’re seeing on stunning wedding gowns.

We think the flower details on these cakes make them look even more delicious. We’ve been seeing a lot of pretty natural flowers placed on cakes, but also love what some bakers are doing with fondant and other materials (trust us, these are NOT the tacky grocery store-bought sugary roses you might be thinking of).

If you want to keep the florals minimal, surprise everyone with an amazing floral detail on your shoes.

Another subtle but gorgeous touch is to include florals in small details like your ring bearer pillow.

You can always include some florals in your invitations, especially for a spring wedding. (Check back soon for our series on invitations, save the dates, and more.)

Or go big, with these whimsical yet ever-so-elegant details.

Or how amazing are these floral spheres? They can be hung either from your ceremony chairs or floated in a pool for a pop of unexpected color.

However you do it, one thing’s for sure. Flowers aren’t just for bouquets anymore. And your only option isn’t those generic, sugary roses.

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